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Top iPhones To Buy in 2021


Apple is the creator of some of the most popular phones in the world. However, with new models of iPhones releasing every year, you are bound to get confused with all these options. So, it can be challenging to choose the best iPhone to buy right now.

One of the best things about Apple is that their mobile phone models range from $399 to $1399; so, there is a phone for everyone. Continue reading to find out more about the best Apple iPhone deals and which iPhone is the best buy right now!

The best iPhone you can buy in 2021

If you are looking forward to buying a new phone but can’t decide which one to buy, don’t worry. Here is the best iPhone to buy right now, depending on your requirements. This will undoubtedly help you make your decision easier.

1.     iPhone 12 Pro Max – Best overall

The high-end iPhone 12 Pro Max is the most superior model by Apple. This phone has everything right from a great build to a top-of-the-class camera. All these features combined truly make the iPhone 12 Pro Max the best iPhone to buy right now.

The body is a little bulkier than most phones, but it is worth it. It comes with the ProRaw photos feature, an A14 bionic chip, and 5G support. This makes it the most expensive model in the iPhone 12 series, priced at $1,099.

2.     iPhone 12 – Great option for a variety of people

iPhone 12 is an excellent option for people who want all the iPhone 12 Pro Max benefits but do not wish to pay that much. This phone, when released, was priced at $829. However, with the best Apple iPhone deals, you can get it for $799.

The phone comes with a great display and a super-fast A14 bionic chip. It has a 5G support and also supports MagSafe charging. The only place where the iPhone 12 falls behind the Pro Max is a few camera features. The phone does not come with a telephoto, and you cannot use ProRaw photos with this device.

3.     iPhone 12 Mini – Easy to hold

if you are not one for big mobile phones, this is the one for you. The iPhone 12 Mini is exactly like the iPhone 12; it is just a little small in size. It has the same design and builds as the other models, and it is priced significantly lower than them at $699.

It supports 5G and has the A14 Bionic chip. The phone also supports MagSafe wireless charging. It also has the same camera as the iPhone 12. So, you get all the big phone features at $100 less and smaller size.


4.     iPhone XR – Most affordable

If you are trying to save some money and do not wish to buy a phone from the new iPhone 12 series, you should try the iPhone XR. The XR is a part of the iPhone X mobile phones and has some great features that are certainly worth the money. It comes with a face ID, a 6.1-inch screen, and an impressive ultrawide camera.

One of the most exciting features of this phone is the variety of colors it is available in. The iPhone XR is cheaper, but it does not have the newest processors that you can find in iPhone 11 and the iPhone 12. However, if you like its sleek modern design and are okay with an older processor, this is the phone for you.

5.     iPhone SE – With Touch ID

The iPhone SE launched in 2020 is the updated version of the older iPhone SE, which came out along with the iPhone 8. If you want a small mobile phone with a 4.7-inch screen but a great processor, this is an excellent option too. The new iPhone SE comes with the A13 Bionic chip, similar to the iPhone 11.

What’s more? This phone is the last in the series to have a touch ID. If face recognition is something you cannot get behind, this phone will do the trick for you.

To conclude with

Depending on your requirement and your budget, you can pick any of the phones as mentioned earlier. The best iPhone to buy right now has to be the iPhone 12 Pro Max. It has all the most remarkable features, but it is on the more expensive side. However, with the best Apple iPhone deals, you can get any of these phones at a significantly cheaper price!



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