Are you ready to get the most out of your iPhone? If so, read on! We’re about to take you through some of the most life-changing hacks out there. We’re pretty sure you’ll come out of this wondering why you haven’t been using these all along.


1.     Hide Apps From Your Homescreen

Do you have a few apps you want to hide from your home screen? Perhaps you’re simply looking for a more minimalistic screen without apps cluttering it. Well, there’s a simple way to do so!

First thing’s first, hold your screen to send your iPhone into jiggle mode. Then tap the page dot indicator above the dock. Simply uncheck the pages you want to hide in the Edit Pages interface. Then click ‘Done’ in the upper right-hand corner.

If you’re wondering how you can find the apps on the hidden pages, don’t worry. They’ll all still be available in the App Library! Remember that you do need to keep at least a single Home Screen page enabled 24×7, though. Watch the Youtube Video below to see how easy it is to do this.

2.     Control Your iPhone With Head Movements

Yes, folks, this is a real feature many don’t even know exists. Surprising as it is, it has actually been sitting in your Settings all along! To find it, simply open your Settings and open the Accessibility tab. Then scroll down till you find the Switch Control option, and turn it on.

Under the Switches option, you can choose different head movements for specific functions. You can use the right head movement to open up your camera or the left to go back to the home screen. There’s a lot more to play around with in the Switch Control center. For instance, you can set up the notification center to open when you smile. Continue to watch the YouTube Video below to see how easy it is to do this

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