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Every time Apple releases a new iPhone model, it creates a buzz among tech enthusiasts. The launch of the iPhone 12 has drawn the interest of several Apple fans. However, while speaking of iPhone 12, we cannot overlook 3 other models, including iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone Pro Max, and iPhone 12 Pro. Apple has introduced these models to serve users who look for smaller and cheaper models. Although Apple has tried to cut down the price, you can find more affordable options with the best iPhone 12 deal. Before grabbing the deal, you have to know how an iPhone 12 model is different from the other one.

iPhone 12- A standard phone with useful features

The iPhone 12 is the standard model whose price range starts from $829. This 64GB iPhone has a display of about 6.1 inches, and it is similar to what you have found with the iPhone 11. Apple has upgraded the design to provide an OLED panel and A14 processor. You can look for the best iPhone 12 deal to try out this 5G-ready mobile.

iPhone 12 Mini- A smaller model

When you are searching for a compact, pocket-sized model, you can invest in iPhone 12 Mini. This small iPhone has a bezel-less design with a small battery and a display of about 5.4 inches. Although it is a small iPhone model, you do not need to compromise advanced technological details. The Mini version is cheaper (starts at $699) than other models. Still, you can buy it at the lowest price by having an attractive discount. Based on your preference, you can decide on the right model.

iPhone 12 Pro with innovative features

With a slightly higher budget, you can buy the iPhone 12 Pro that is available with a memory of about 128 GB. However, you may save your money with special deals. There are different ways in which the standard model differs from iPhone 12 Pro. This premium quality iPhone has a stainless steel model with a brighter panel. The brightness level is about 800 nits. You can refine your photos with the iPhone 12. The third camera has a telephoto lens offering better optical zoom.

Another unique feature of the iPhone 12 Pro is the LIDAR sensor that helps you with innovative technology, like Augmented Reality. You will find no problem in low-light situations, as there is faster autofocus.

You can find a big price difference between iPhone 12 Pro and other models. However, you will get a high storage capacity with this mobile.

iPhone 12 Pro Max- A more advanced model

The iPhone 12 Pro Max provides you with a big panel of around 6.7 inches. One of the noticeable features of this model is the triple-camera system. The bigger camera is one of the advantages for users.

Apple has embedded a new sensor to provide a better camera. Due to the wider camera, you will enjoy optical image stabilization.

You can now check out the best iPhone deal to buy the desired model. Find the latest discount offers for iPhone 12 models.

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