The eerie origin story revolving around the iPhone – A hoax?

The 21st century has largely been about technological advancements. It wouldn’t be very reasonable to skip the huge impact iPhones have created over the past years. Talk about the most expensive gadget a person owns and more than often, it will be an iPhone for them!

But do you know the origin story of this very iPhone? It is unexpected, and we are sure this mystery has its own set of lies and truths. Rumour has it that Motorola invented the iPhone. Yes! You heard us right.

In the year 2004, some of the Motorola phones had music capabilities. Now, Apple’s iPod was a huge rage too! Motorola thought of combining the iPod and RAZR (the best-selling phone ever in 2004) to pave the way to an insane music phone.

Ed Zaner, the president of Motorola, met with Steve Jobs. One thing led to another, and Steve Jobs understood an iPod would never be on the priority list of things you will never leave your house without. Well, that does make sense, though. Consequently, this situation made him anxious but also brought about a zeal to ideate better.

They collectively launched the Motorola ROKR E1, the first-ever phone to work with iTunes, and quite surprisingly, it was extremely flawed. The biggest flaw was that the interface was not intuitive.

Steve Jobs knew that UX focus is what he needed and used this very idea to create a music phone on his own. It is this same year, precisely 2005, when the development of this device started.

Another one of the mysteries or rather unconfirmed truths is the secret operative team made at Apple offices. A lot of people who worked at Apple in the mid-2000s noticed other employees disappearing. It was slow in the beginning, and no one had a clue what was happening.

Additionally, it was unclear why different departments such as an engineer, the next day, a key member of the team, and probably a designer in the next week were all gone. Yes, gone with the wind, or should we say Gone with Jobs?

Here’s the tea! This unknown team was working on the legendary iPhone launch. The weird part was that the employees who joined this creepy team had no information they were getting into.

Specific details were not announced, and it was a simple shift in office locations for these employees on the top. Some engineers who liked their jobs denied it, whereas others with the zeal to explore and innovate took to the challenge.

Rest assured, their lives were never the same afterward. Two and half years, these people slogged their way through making what you call the first iPhone now. They worked overtime to bring about the best pieces of technology for you all.

And not to miss, no telling anyone while you’re busting yourself on a project of crazy innovation. Wives, children, friends were all kept in the dark. Steve Jobs demanded not to leak this information of creating an impactful technology at any cost. Well, we will have to acknowledge he was successful, to say the least!

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