Is The iPhone 10 Still Worth Buying in 2021?

Like the other iPhone series released by Apple, the iPhone 10, also referred to as iPhone X, is a great smartphone. The iPhone 10 is already four years since when it was initially released. Due to this, the iPhone 10 is now relatively cheaper to buy. Although the iPhone 10 may be somewhat old now, it still performs great. The iPhone 10 will keep getting updates till the mid to late 2020s. It’s still a great phone to buy for someone looking for a reliable and affordable smartphone.

However, one major question many people would like to ask is this- “is the iPhone 10 still Worth it”? This is quite understandable since Apple has released new versions of the iPhone series after the iPhone 10. Although the iPhone may lack some features that the newer iPhone series possess. However, it’s still a great buy in 2021. Some of the reasons why the iPhone 10 is still worth it in 2020 include the following:

Great Design

Despite being old, the iPhone X design still looks great. The iPhone 10 was the first Apple phone designed without a home button. Besides that, it is also the first amongst the iPhone series to come with an OLED panel. It has a larger display space compared to the previous versions before it.

Compared to iPhone 8 plus, the iPhone 10 smaller and lighter, giving it a more portable feel and look. It comes with two color options, which are white and black, and they both look great. Furthermore, it features an inbuilt Qi wireless charging. Another thing that makes the iPhone 10 still worth buying in 2021 is the fact that it is water-resistant. This means that the iPhone 10 can survive when mistakenly dropped into water. This shares similar features with other newer phones, and it is worth buying.

Face ID

Is the iPhone 10 still worth it? Well, yes. The iPhone 10 comes with a face ID feature which is a recent trend in smartphones. The face ID is very quick and easy to use. In only a few seconds, you’re done with it. It also features TouchID as an added security measure to the phone. The FaceID works great, and you will enjoy using it.

Great Performance

During the time of release, the iPhone 10 used to be the fastest phone on the market. It comes with an A11 bionic chip and 3GB/4GB RAM. This iPhone responds fast and can be used to multitask. In all, the iPhone 10 performs great, which is another reason it is still worth buying in 2021.

Impressive Cameras

The iPhone 10 cameras are impressive. It features dual 12MP rear cameras with autofocus. On the front side, it features a 7MP camera that is perfect for video calling and selfies. The cameras of the iPhone 10 are everything you need.

All these are some of the major reasons why the iPhone 10 is still worth buying in 2021. Also, the iPhone 10 is a lot cheaper now. Buying the iPhone X in 2021 is definitely worth it.

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