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best iPhone to buy right now & The Best Features In iOS 14.4 That You Need To Use

The latest iOS update in 2021 comes with exciting features that you can take advantage of. It makes your phone all the more efficient and adds value to your device. This update is only available on iPhone 6s, and phones launched after that.

The update makes using other Apple devices like the Apple Watch and the Apple Pencil extremely easy. It also introduced the Apple ProRaw photos on its newest mobile phone models, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

The Apple iPhones with this update are the best iPhone to buy right now for yourself. Learn more about the update and how you can use your phone more efficiently.

Top features of iOS 14 for iPhone users in 2021

Here are some of the best tricks you can try on your iPhone with the newest update.

1.     New home screen features

The iOS update brings new features for the home screen for all iPhone users. The home screen now has an app drawer you can use to keep all your lesser-used apps. It is effortless to access, and it saves a lot of space on your phone. The apps can easily be accessed by swiping past the home screens and going right to the left.

This feature makes your phone very organized and gives users more space on their home screen. The customizable home screens can now fit different widgets far more superior to android mobile phones. Get the newest iPhone using the best Apple iPhone deals and take full advantage of this feature.

2.     Custom Smart Stack widget

The update brings users the option to customize their home screens completely. This means you can now use the Smart Stack widgets to create your widgets. This feature is very easy to use and requires as much effort as creating an app folder.

You can make as many widgets as you like and design your home screen the way you want it. It takes minimal effort, and you will have a custom home screen in absolutely no time! This feature is best experienced in the iPhone 12 Pro Max, which is the best iPhone to buy right now.

3.     Customizable app icons

If you are not satisfied with the way your app icons look, you can now change them with the new update. All you need to do is find the best iPhone to buy right now, as the update is only available in Apple’s more recent devices.

You can then download icons that you can replace old icons with. You also have the option to create custom icons and use them for all your apps. You might have to spend a little time and put in efforts to create a completely customized screen. However, the result will be worth it.

4.     App Clips

App Clips is the solution to all your storage options. If you have ever wanted to use applications without downloading them, you can use App Clips. These are virtually smaller versions of big apps that have a few essential features available.

For instance, you can now open Apple Maps on your phone and search for pizzas. The app will show you the best places to get pizzas from nearby and let you order from there. This App Clip also adds these apps to your App Library, where you can access them later.

5.     Take raw photos on your iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max

If you are interested in photography, then this update has an exciting feature for you. The iOS 14.3 update brought the ProRaw element in the iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 12 Pro Max phones. This added feature also makes these phones the best iPhone to buy right now.

You have the feature of RAW photography on the top right corner of your camera app. You need to enable this mode and take pictures. The best part about this feature is that you can edit it the way you like without degrading the picture quality once you take the picture.

To conclude with

The best features on Apple iPhones can only be availed on a few select devices. If you are due for an upgrade, you should consider investing in the iPhone 12 Pro series, considering it is the best iPhone to buy right now.

You can avail of the best Apple iPhone deals 2021 on platforms like Amazon and get yourself one of these phones at an affordable price. This is the only way to use the updated features in all their glory!



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