7 Reasons Why The iPhone Beats Android

Bangkok, Thailand – September 18, 2018 : Apple iPhone 7 showing its screen with Apple logo when it is being updated the software to iOS 12.

The comparison between iPhones vs Android is one that won’t stop anytime soon. Undoubtedly, iPhones and Android phones are the best phones you can lay your hands on. Both phones come with great qualities that make them better than the others. The competition has always been between iPhones and Android phones.

Although Android phones are great to use, iPhones are way better in many ways. This post will look at some of the major ways in which iPhones are better compared to Android phones.

iPhones Are Faster

One of the major reasons why iPhones are better than Androids is that they are faster. The processor chip used in iPhones performs better. This allows iPhones to respond quicker than Androids. Also, many Android phones tend to lag while in use. This is something you won’t experience when using an iPhone.

Timely Updates

Unlike Android phones that may take a long period before getting an update, iPhones get regular and timely updates. With an iPhone, you can easily update the operating system to the latest version the same day it was released. This is something you won’t get from Android. Android phones usually take over a year before getting an OS update.

Easy to Use

Another area where the iPhone Beats Android is the ease of use. Some Android phones can be difficult and confusing to operate the first time. It may take you some time to understand the features of some Android phones properly. However, with an iPhone, everything is easier. This is one reason why many people prefer an iPhone to an Android. iPhones generally come with a simple interface that anyone would understand.

Resale Value

When comparing iPhones vs Android, an important area to look at is resale value. In this aspect, the iPhone Beats Android once again. An iPhone has a better resale value compared to an Android phone. For example, if you are looking to buy a better phone or you urgently need money, you can be sure of selling an iPhone at a better price than an Android phone.

Classic Design

One feature that makes the iPhone standout from others is its classic design. One unique feature that all iPhones have in common is their unique design. An iPhone looks visually appealing than an Android. iPhones share a common design and shape.

Best Support

iPhones have better support than Android phones. For example, if you have a problem with your Android phone, you will have to search online forums and communities to find a solution to the problem. However, with an iPhone, there are many articles on Apple’s website that you can easily read to find a solution to the problem. You can also contact Apple via the live chat feature on their website.

Best Apps

Today, there are millions of apps on iOS and Android stores. However, many developers prefer launching their mobile apps first on the iOS platform. If you’re looking for the best new mobile apps that are not available on Android, you’ll most likely find them on the iOS store

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