4 Features Every Samsung Galaxy Phone Users Should Know

Many people don’t usually read a phone’s manual guide any more. In fact, some people think instructional manuals are for dummies. However, advanced high-tech phones such Samsung Galaxy S series and the various Galaxy Note Android phones come with unique features and services that may confuse some users to the point of annoyance.

Moreover, if you are the type who is not so computer savvy, you can end up using your Samsung galaxy phone for years without detecting its full features and capacity. This post has four features of Samsung galaxy phones to give you an excellent user experience.

Take Screenshots With Smart Capture/ Screenshot Toolbar

Samsung phones support the conventional palm swipe for taking screenshots. You can activate palm swipe from the app settings.

The power button and down volume button are usually pressed at the same time to take a screenshot on recent Samsung Galaxy phones from the S9 to the newest S21 model. This feature is quite different on the old Galaxy models such as S6 and its downlines. Instead of the down volume button, you will press the power button and home button simultaneously.

Taking screenshots with buttons requires the use of two hands. A more accessible and convenient way to do this is by using the Galaxy smart capture. The screenshot toolbar is easily accessed from the quick settings in the notification bar.

Screen Split- Run Two Apps At A Time

Samsung Galaxy phones have a screen split feature that enables users to run two different apps at once. This is an awesome feature that any Samsung Galaxy user should not be missing. Multi-window or multi-app is activated by enabling screen split from the quick settings app in the notification bar. When it is switched on, the phone display divides into two parts. For example, you can run WhatsApp on the upper part while you use the Facebook app on the other part. Although not all apps on the phone support this feature, the supported ones provide a fantastic user experience.

Glove-mode Feature

This feature is present in almost all Samsung Galaxy models. It can be really unpleasant during cold weather when you have to remove your glove and freeze your hands off just to operate your phone. Samsung Galaxy users do not have to go through the stress of buying touchscreen-friendly gloves. The phone’s display can be adjusted to support non-touchscreen or regular glove.

Fingerprint Locks

With the innovation of fingerprint scanned-equipped smartphones, pattern lock and passcode became a second security feature for most people. Since there are never matching fingerprints, the best way to secure and protect your phone is by using fingerprint locks.

Samsung flagship phones have two different styles of fingerprint locks. The recent Galaxy phones come with an embedded fingerprint sensor where you unlock the phone by placing your hand on the sensor.

If you are still using the previous Galaxy models such as the GS5, GS4, or Note Edge, these phones use a less accurate sensor touch. The process is done by swiping down onto the home button from the display.

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