Fantastic Features That Will Improve YOUR Mobile Experience On The Samsung Galaxy S10

The continuous evolution of new upgrades makes it almost impossible to use the same smartphone for up to a year. However, the Samsung Galaxy S10 has numerous features you are yet to discover. Besides the phone’s outstanding innovations such as ultrasonic fingerprint scanner, wireless Powershare, and powerful camera lens, this smartphone boasts many other hidden handy features.

We have selected four Samsung Galaxy S10 features that will convince you to buy the phone for a more efficient experience.

Securely Access Your Favourite Apps With The Lock Screen App Shortcuts

High security and user convenience are met with the lock screen app shortcut found in the Galaxy S10 series. This enhanced feature lets you secure the applications pinned to your lock screen with a “finger swipe and scan” motion. Scan the fingerprint sensor as usual and then swipe up from the sensor to an intended app icon to open it. In situations where you urgently need to access an app, you can open it directly from the lock screen mode without compromising security.

One-handed Mode Let’s You Keep A Hand Free

Have you been in situations where you have to hold something important with one hand and then operate your phone with the other hand? Or Have you been in the middle of meal preparation when you have to urgently check your phone for recipes but realized only one hand is clean? This Samsung one-handed feature makes operating the phone with one hand very easy.

With gesture controls enabled, this one-handed feature is easily activated with a quick swipe up from the screen’s corners. Another way to activate it is to tripe-tap the home button. When the one-handed feature is switched on, a miniature version of your screen pops up to bring features well within your reach with one hand.

Streamline Your Schedule With Bixby Routines

Bixby helps you unlock the full potentials of your Samsung smartphone. How amazing would it be to step into your car, and music automatically fills the space while Bixby switches on voice control. On alighting from the car, WiFi turns off, the music turns off, and vibration mode disconnects, all these without you needing to touch a thing.

What’s more? As you proceed with the day, Bixby moves coherently through pre-arranged routines making this smartphone the perfect companion to wherever you go. Samsung “Bixby routines” is smart assistance that learns from your habits. It saves you the need to fiddle with habitual settings.

“Temporary Mute” Lets You Take Smart Brakes

The prohibition of digital detox in many places has made most people turn to the “Do not disturb” function of their phone. When this feature is activated, it mutes alerts, calls, and media( except those excepted) until the user turns the function off.

The downside is that users who enter “Do not disturb” when going to meetings or going to bed are at risk of missing important alerts and calls if they forget to turn the mode back off. Go for Samsung Galaxy S10 to enjoy the “Temporary mute” feature, which lets users choose how long the phone should remain on mute.

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